Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Checking out other RV Resorts.

We had another banner day here in Arizona today!  We reached 74 degrees, which the weather folks say is unusually high for this time of year.  It should be somewhere around 66 as a daytime high.  But as  all things go, it is to change on Thursday.

Cooler temperatures and some overcast are headed our way, so we should have temperatures closer to the yearly averages.  Of course this will be subject to change, as the forecast is adjusted every day.

We decided to head out and check out another RV park today, as we have never been to the Gold Canyon RV Resort!  I read about it on Ed and Marilyn's blog several days ago, as they were contemplating the possibility of Arizona in the up coming year.  (They have made other plans now.)

But I wanted to see this more upscale resort, so we headed out.  The property is located East of Apache Junction on Highway 60.  The area is called Gold Canyon, and is quite new.  And as such, the resort is new as well.  It has a large clubhouse building in the center of the camp, with a 9 hole golf course surrounding the building.   This gives the property its character, since it is grass.  We have no grass here, unless it is watered about 10 times a day.  Grass is a flower!

But with the grass in the center, and a divided entryway that leads to the clubhouse, It seems quite nice.  The resort has many more landscape features than the usual park here in the valley.  But once you leave the common area, it is park model after park model.  They are mostly newer, which makes for a less dated park.

But what about the lots with motorhomes on them?  Now remember that 80 percent were park models, so the RV's were sprinkled in every now and then.  There were no bumper pulls anywhere, just bigger fifth wheels and newer motorhomes.  They must have a rule about how old your rig can be to stay there.

Looking at the actual lot you would rent, it was gravel with a small concrete patio.  Your rig is on the gravel, and your car or truck is on gravel on the opposite side of the patio.  The only other thing on the lot is the hookup tower.  Bare gravel.  This is for about $800 a month plus electricity.

The nearest Wal Mart is about 10 miles back in Apache Junction by the swap meet.   That is a shopping center with all the necessary stores.

So for about $30 a night after you pay the electric, you get a gravel lot, with nice neighbors in park models.  And yes they have nice landscaping.  The center of the park is nice, with the golf course, and that would be a draw, but there were several foursomes waiting to tee off as we drove by number one.  So could you get a tee time as an RVer?

We both quickly decided that our older park with concrete slabs to park our car and trailer as well as a patio the full side of our rig and a palm tree in the back corner, in the center of town for half the price seemed like a really good deal.  Even if we had some vintage park models sprinkled here and there.

I still think Ratama Village in McAllen, Texas is as close to the perfect park layout as I have ever seen.  And of course you have to buy those lots for about $45 K!

Retired Rod

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  1. We had reservations at Canyon Vistas RV Resort for 2 weeks a couple of years ago. It is right next to the one you looked at. After driving in and seeing the dismal place we would be set up in, we canceled and went down the road to the Apache Junction KOA where we got a nice little spot and really enjoyed our stay. Canyon Vistas, like you found, was mostly park models with the MH's & 5'ers pushed a mile away from the clubhouse, washrooms and pool.


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