Monday, January 11, 2010

Driving around during the football game.

What the heck did we do today?  Well, it was a laid back Sunday, where we slept in late had a late Breakfast, and enjoyed the sunshine outside. It warmed into the 60's by mid morning, and made 70 in the afternoon.

Clouds covered most of the valley during the day, which held down the temperatures or we would have done much better in the afternoon.  We ended up taking a ride around the city, during the start of the NFL football game between Greenbay and Arizona.  Evidently many folks were glued to the TV as the streets were almost empty.

We rode over into Tempe, downtown in the college town area, and the streets were bare.  Not a soul at the ASU stadium as we drove by.  We went over by Sky Harbor airport, and it was surprisingly slow.  We drove right thru the terminal area and never stopped once from traffic. 

If you don't know, Arizona defeated Greenbay, in the beginning of overtime after ending the regulation game tied at 45.  Wow, what a high scoring event.  Since Arizona had lost to Greenbay twice this year already, this is a really big deal to the folks around here.   We're in now and they are out.  Such is football.  Watching local sports, the area is pumped!

Tonight we hung around the motorhome, and watched some TV.  I of course read blogs while the TV was on.  I think I am mostly caught up! 

So not much excitement here.

Retired Rod


  1. Rod, while you were driving around, I was one of those watching one of the most incredible NFL playoff games ever - it was fantastic.

  2. What can I say, we were just footballed out! We came back in the 4th quarter and watched it get tied twice as well as the overtime, so we saw the tense ending.


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