Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cooler and a Haircut

Clearing and colder was the order of our day.  Significantly colder than we have had here for some time.  I think we saw 57 on our dash thermometer in the car today.  We had some billowy clouds, and breezy winds to go with the cool as well.

I decided that it was a haircut day!  I had chosen a barbershop last year, and as I arrived, it was exactly the same as I remembered.  Walk in and take a number.  A masonite square tile, from the nail on the wall.  Your sequence of order as your turn gradually comes up.

So as Loyce waited at the MH, working on here crafts, I lost two months of growth.  I'm not sure I look any better, but at least I feel better, and not so shaggy.

For the rest of the afternoon, we shopped, well Loyce shopped, and I sat out in the car reading the internet on the blackberry phone.  It's slow and small, but its better than nothing.

Tonight we have plummeted into to high 30's for an overnight temperature.  I was really hoping for a warm up, but we remain cool all next week.  How am I going to go scootering with that forecast?

Retired Rod


  1. No need to scooter today, Rod, it's a great football day - one of the last! I've got my day planned - Colts win in the AM; and, Vikings(??) in the PM. We'll see, but it should be interesting - better games than the Superbowl - usually!!

  2. Good Morning... Rick is right it is a great day for football... It is a lot cooler here in Arkansas... Hopefully we'll be able to head out to Texas next Sunday. Have a fun filled day and travel safe!


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