Saturday, January 9, 2010

Swap Meet and a Bar B Que!

As Al (Bayfield Bunch) found, some folks have blog search engines that check out what has been said about them, and this was the case for the company I blogged about in the middle of yesterday's blog.  Seems they picked right up on my experience and put a note on yesterday's comments.

They also sent me a nice eMail apologizing for my experience.  I really wasn't looking for this, but perhaps it is OK for them to do this.  I had really decided against the item before the price tag was changed, but was really surprised that the tag had to be changed as I looked on.  So anyway, I emailed them back and thanked them for their concern.

Today was Country Store here in the park, but we never went anywhere near the place.  Loyce wanted to go out to the big flea market South of Apache Junction.  We spent the morning and early afternoon walking the C and D aisles of the market.  The place is so huge, we lost each other almost immediately.  We really don't worry much about this since we both know where the car is parked and we have our cell phones to re coordinate when we leave.

Usually I run out of shopping patients long before she does, so she knows she will find me in the car waiting.  Today was more of the same, as my back and legs gave out fairly early.

When we left, I kind of drove aimlessly back to the West, passing thru Greenfield, and then into Gilbert.  Once in old downtown Gilbert, we spotted a bar b que that is on the main street, and decided to give it a try.  Joe's Real BBQ!  Now I'm not sure I have been to a BBQ that wasn't real, but Joe's was in an old building on the main street and served a dynamite pulled pork sandwich.  The sauce was quite sweet, but was more on the runny side which appeals to me.  More vinegar bite and less ketchup (catsup) like.  Aren't words fun when there are more than one way to spell them that are correct?

Anyway that turned out to be a treat.  And added a new restaurant experience to our growing list of places we have been here.  Interestingly they had a John Deere model A tractor inside on the main floor of the restaurant, but me without a camera other than the cell phone with weak flash, didn't even try for a picture.

We then went to another quilt shop, "Zoe's Trunk" in Chandler, and then to a motorcycle shop as well.  Not many clothes that a fat scooter rider could wear in there, LOL.

Tonight, we have spent time watching the tube and Loyce went over and did a load of washing.  I did finish the passenger side of the utility trailer as it was getting dark, so now all I have to do is the back ramp door.  There is no hurry!

Retired Rod

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