Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cleaner !

LA's Totally Awsome All Purpose Cleaner

Life takes some interesting turns as you travel thru it.  Yesterday, I was hungry and jumped on the Motor Scooter, to head to Wendy's for a little burger meal.  They have a Jr burger and small fry with a drink for $2.99.  I'm hooked.

Once I finished, I went over to the .99 cent store to look around. This is a different chain than we have in the Midwest, so it was curiosity as much as anything.  In the process of shopping the store, I bought a bottle of LA's Totally Awsome All purpose Cleaner.  A one pint bottle with a sprayer.  I didn't know what I had.

Our utility trailer was purchased when we moved from Des Moines to Kansas City, when we were renting trailers to take stuff to KC.  We use this trailer for so many things, it is hard to list any one single activity it is good for.

As you know it is here with us in Mesa.  We used it for our outside stuff, and the motor scooter.  It makes the perfect garage.  But it is a dirty garage, and has been since we arrived in KC.  It is stored on a gravel lot in old downtown Olathe, and the rain and snow has bled the aluminum roof down over the white painted sides of the trailer.

This stain is impossible to remove.  I have tried everything I could think of to get it off.  Nothing seemed to be able to act as a solvent.  Perhaps rubbing compound would have removed part of the paint along with the stain, but that seemed too drastic, as we know the stain will return from the outside storage.

So after WD 40, Mr Clean, Black Streak Remover, Bleach, Goo Gone, and many more, imagine my surprise, as I sprayed this stuff called "Totally Awsome" on the white sides of the trailer, and it dissolved the stain.  It took some rubbing to get it out of the paint, as it was removing the oxidation from the surface like a wax, but it worked!

So this afternoon, I rode back over to the 99 cent store and bought 4 more bottles of this stuff at a buck each, and started in cleaning the white siding on the trailer.  Spending the rest of the afternoon with rags and wiping clean.  Slowly I have cleaned the front and about half or more of the drivers side of the trailer.

It attacks your hands, and I should more than likely be using gloves.  It is made to dilute up to 10 times in water, but full strength seems to be what I need on the aluminum stain.  Oh and I had spilled some black Rustoleum paint on our green plastic outdoor table.  It was painted, and did not wipe off, even with paint solvent, thinner.

While pouring the Totally Awsome from a capped bottle into the sprayer bottle, I spilled some on the stain on the table.  It sat there for a while as I was cleaning the trailer.  Noticing the spill, I came over and wiped it up with a rag.  And as you have guessed, the paint stain came right off the table into the rag.

So I'm not trying to sell this stuff, and really only plan to use it to clean the trailer, but perhaps need to have it on hand to be used as other stuff fails to work.  They claim it gets out ball point pen ink as well.  Your mileage may vary!  Try it on an inside corner first, as I'm sure it could take the color out of concrete....

No Football tonight-----ugh!  What are we going to do after the super bowl is over?

Retired Rod

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