Friday, January 29, 2010

Phoenix Quilt Show.

Overcast today with rain in the beginning of the day.  It began to clear about 10 AM, leaving foggy misty stacked clouds.  This didn't stop Loyce, as she wanted to go to the Quilt Show that was at the Arizona Fairgrounds here in Phoenix.

I had no idea where the address was, but I was conscripted to be the designated driver.  After a moment with Google maps, I knew I was headed to the near North side of downtown Phoenix.  It turned out to be right on the North side of I 10,  and had  a sign on the end of the grandstand.  I wasn't able to make it out from the interstate, so I had to drive around for a while.

For a moment, I thought I was going to have to pay for parking ($10), just to drop her off at the door.  I was blustery for a while, since I didn't want to stay.  So we drove up to the parking booth, and I asked as nicely as I could muster, if I couldn't take her to the door and drop her off.  "Go right ahead," the attendant said.  All that bluster for nothing!

So for about 2 hours, I was free with the car!  Ham Radio Store!!!!  Yes there is an Amateur Radio store over on the other side of the Black Canyon Freeway.  Note that big antenna!

It had moved since we were there with my friend Larry last year.  So with the outside chance that he might come back again this year, I felt I had better know where the store had moved to.  Yes I actually went to the store and shopped for radios for an hour.  It takes many visits to decide on a radio purchase, as this is not an impulse type of thing.

When I returned to the Fairgrounds, I again got right in, and at a different entrance booth.  They've heard that line before.  They give you a ticket to display in your window if you park, so of course I didn't have one, and had to keep moving.  After a while, Loyce came out with more little bags of goodies.  The building is twice as long as the part in this picture.

Now you would think we were done, but no, she needed to go up in the very North end of the city to another place called "Quiltz."  They evidently do not go, or support the show, so Loyce needed something from them as well.

We were glad to get back home, after about an hours drive on the freeways. I am beginning to know Phoenix much better than I ever have before.

The weather man thinks our rains are over for now, and perhaps we may get back into the 70's again this weekend.  That would be good, as the bike is really screaming to be let out of the utility trailer.  He doesn't like being all cooped up lake that.

Retired Rod


  1. Quilts Schmilts!! I would be blustery too having to plow through traffic & congestion for a 'quilt' show. Browsing around a ham radio store....not that's a man's cup of tea for sure:))

  2. Be careful, you may get to know your way around Phoenix TOO well! Congratulations on your navigating skills.

  3. I know the Quilt Show drill well - been dere, dun dat!! Many times. Good job on finding the Ham Radio store to kill some time.

  4. Rod-You are very funny-I can just picture this whole sceen-with my sis's quilt shows & your ham radio stores-so great that you both have a passion! Thanks for giving me a chuckle this AM

  5. The fairgrounds Sewing Festival was awesome, you should have gone in, Rod, something for everyone! But you'll get another chance in October at the repeat show in Tucson. --KP
    PS: try for quilting news.


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