Sunday, January 17, 2010

Park Models on Open House


Gypsy from On the Road Again suggested that she would like to see some of the park models that are for sale here at Mesa Spirit.  So here is a 2010 backed in and set up as a model.


This has the extra width in the eating area and the bathroom.  Also the bedroom is expanded as well.  This is $48 K set up.

The living room area with fancy front windows.


The sun washed out my photo, but the extra width bay window to the left with nice cabinets.


Did you note the wood flooring, vaulted ceilings, built in wall for the flat screen TV with cabinet below.


Kitchen is a bit narrow, but complete.


The bathroom is to the left of the fridge across from the kitchen.


Even cabinets in the bedroom.  Again a bay window on the back end


This is more of a price model, and is $43 K set up.


Its fairly plain, so I didn’t take too many pics.


Back end is flat and all the cabinets are gone!


This is one next door, all set up and ready for sale.   They do rent these from time to time, and I think this is a couple of years old and is available for around $40 K.  It is the plain model without the expanded sides, but does have a small bay window for the kitchen table.


I was doing this on the stealth, since I really didn’t want a salesman dog tailing me for the next few weeks hoping I wanted to make the purchase decision.  I’m sure they don’t take “no” for an answer.

Retired Rod


  1. Thanks Rod, I really appreciate the pictures. It could probably be a comfortable little house for one or two people. I guess the main thing is where to put it.

    If the salesman catches you just tell him one of your readers is interested. And thanks again for taking all the pics. Yours are better than most companies that have websites!

  2. Interesting post Rod and thanks for the pictures. They have a bunch of very similar looking homes for sale here in the Sands RV Park. I've never gone thru one yet, but now that I've seen your pics, I just might try and sneek in and out without being noticed!


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