Thursday, January 21, 2010

The weather is returning to Arizona winter.

Today like all days after a big travel and tourist activity day was complete rest and relaxation.  The day dawned sunny, but coolish.  In the 50's but eventually reaching 63.  Big billowing clouds hung around all afternoon, after the rain soaked ground began to dry.

In Kansas in the winter, a 60 degree day with big clouds and sun would have been a god send.  But here it was seen as a cold winter day.  Folks were busy, going about their business, but gone were the shorts and the swim suits.

On the TV the weather man was predicting the next round of storms that is to begin here after midnight, which is just about now.  We are to get up to 2 inches of rain in each of the next two days, and the mountains could have 40 inches of snow at higher elevations.  Wow, winter is here with its vengeance.  Perhaps this is the turning point of the season.  One could hope.

We did a bunch of cleaning here at the MH, which was long over due, but I am not much help.  I lack the ability and the concern to wipe down everything even though it doesn't seem dirty.  But with proper guidance, I can be instructed carefully.

It is now way late at night, and the rain should arrive directly, so we will batten down and wait with sleepy heads.  If the wind starts like they are forecasting, it may be a long and sleepless experience  as the  MH tends to rock on its jacks in the wind.

I'll report what we have for winter furry in the next few days, until then try not to worry much, as our low for the next several days is to be in the high 40's with only a high of 57 on Sunday.  I'm sure that will be a lot warmer than most of the rest of the country.

Retired Rod

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