Thursday, January 28, 2010

Shopping again and a stop at a Nice RV Park

I had to come up for some air!   I have been reading a novel about a nuclear submarine that was on an attack run, and I lost all sense of reality.  But since I can't finish the book tonight, I need to put it down.  It's good enough that I was having trouble....

Today was an overcast and rainy day.  Well, desert rainy, mostly kind of heavy sprinkles, which later cleared about mid afternoon.  We never reached higher that the upper 60's for temperature. 

Loyce and I headed out on a shopping trip after noon.  We were looking for items for her crafts, but most of the stores were out, so we went from store to store.  I had the book with me.

In that process, we went by another RV park.  It seemed as big as any we had seen, and we were enticed in.  It seemed newer, but not really uppity like the one out in Gold Canyon.  I'm certain, that it is more appealing to us than our current park.  We spent a bunch of time wandering around the common areas and even went to the ladies sewing club room.

To the letter, every person we met tried to entice us to pull up stakes and move over to their park.  The camp site was actually no different than the site we have here in Mesa Spirit, but  the park's activities are overwhelming!  Boy I wonder what we may have stumbled into...  The park is called Valle del Oro...   Valley of Gold.

I'm not sure that we would ever move this year, but it surely gives us alternatives to coming back here.

If anyone has any further knowledge about the park, I would enjoy a note about it.

Tonight has been novel reading, and I even skipped the State of the Union Speech.  Guess I'm not too political today!

Retired Rod

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