Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Senior Pass and a day trip.

Today was all about me getting my very own

Yes my very own senior pass.  Now we have had a senior pass in the family for over a year, as my wife qualified last year.  But I'm not going to go into all the implications of that, except to say I qualified last fall.

We drive separate cars since I tow a trailer behind the motorhome, and our Toyota is an automatic and cannot be towed four wheels down.  They don't even make an oil pump for it.  Tow it?  Don't do it!  I ran upon a fellow that was towing one, but upon going over and investigating, found that it was a stick shift Camry.

So sometimes when we want to go to a Federal Park, we need to drive both the motorhome and the car in.  Or like last summer, we just wanted to drive thru the Tetons and that would have cost a fee, since we were in separate cars and only had one pass.

So today, we drove down to Casa Grande Ruins in Coolidge, Az and popped into the office and with $10 and a cursory inspection of my driver license I owned one.  Yea!

It was a beautiful afternoon for the drive, and we drove to Coolidge first and then over to Florence, Az next as this is the county seat of Pinal county. Florence has the really old court house in the center of town.  Other than county services, there is not much else to do there.  The main street is really old, but we didn't find much other than some gift shops.  (No quilt shops)  LOL.

So we drove back into Apache Junction.  We did go to a Wal Mart while we were in Coolidge, to see if they had sizes of clothes that we hadn't found available in the bigger towns.  And we did find some of what we were looking for.

This afternoon, it reached 75 degrees on the dash of the car, but I never looked at the official temperature.  It was warm enough that I had to get rid of my sweat shirt about 2PM as I was actually too hot in the sun.  We ran the AC on the way back to Mesa.

So now we are a 2 senior pass family.  Now we can each take a vehicle into a federal facility without a fee.  We have been camping at the COE parks the last year for half price, but I always have to get Loyce to go register us, so now I can do it myself.  All for the little old fee of $10.

A good day!

Retired Rod

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  1. That's a good deal, Rod, for just $10. Yes, getting older does have some advantages alright. I got my "Gold Card" last year and now get to ride free on the BC Ferries on weekdays - only me though, not the vehicle! Maybe if I bought a 65 yr. old vehicle that might qualify?


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