Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Headed out to Q!

We were up early today and headed over to Quartzsite.  It was sunny all morning, but mid afternoon, the heavy ominous clouds rolled in from the North and removed the sun from view.

It has rained heavily all the way back to Mesa, and I am bushed.  It continues to rain as I write this, with accumulations of about an inch.  That is a lot of water for the desert, and is the most they have received since last February.  Unfortunately, we were here for that event as well.

My camera is out in the console of the car, but only contains a couple of pictures, as we didn't take anymore.  But I will attempt to write the day up in the morning.


  1. 3:45 a.m. The winds rolled in about 11:30 last night & our rains finally arrived about 3 in the morning. The desert really needs the water....we don't!!

  2. We got hit with the rain yesterday too when we went for a drive down to Temecula, CA. Haven't seen rain that hard for a long, long time. We did manage to get a few good pictures of it though. The sun's shining this morning but I think we're still in for a couple of more days of unsettled weather.


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