Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Scootering Ham Radio and Rain

Warmer today as it was up to 64 during the middle of the afternoon.   That is not warm like we were having before the big rain storm, but as compared to the snow storm that a friend explained on the ham radio from Des Moines,  it seemed like we are in heaven.  Keep your chin up Mike, and good talking to you.

We use the DStar system, where I talk to the Dstar repeater, here in Mesa, and it is connected to the internet.  By putting in the call sign of the person I want to talk to, the computers look up where the call sign was last heard, and then route the conversation out of the Des Moines repeater, for that fellow's radio to hear.

It is a lot like cell phone, but with a two way radio instead.  We talked for a while, but then gave way, as we are using a party line, and someone else my like to use it.  I have had it on all night, and haven't heard another person on the air since.

With the bright and sunny day, I got the motorscooter out of the trailer this morning, and rode it for a lot of the day.  It gets about 80 mpg, and I used 8 tenths of a gallon, so I went about 60 miles.  In the process, I found another Wal Mart store, that I didn't know was there.  This is a big community, and you never really know what is on every corner.

The scooter is great for scoping out all the businesses in the various strip malls.  You can drive right thru these places quickly.  Much faster than waiting in a car.  Still it takes a while to get thru the traffic lights.  Buzzing around on the scooter is really quite fun, but never gives you much to blog about.

Tonight is the renewal of the air card subscription, so after midnight, I start on a new 5 gig allocation for the next month.  We never really maxed out this month, since I am the only one that really uses the computer.  Loyce doesn't care much to use the computers.

She seldom even reads the emails, unless I check in and read it to her.  But yet she will spend all day running her sewing machine.  From sun up to midnight!  I guess you like what you like.LOL

We are to have some rain after midnight, so I put the scooter back in the trailer for the night, but with rain is to come warmer nights.  That's alright with me!

Retired Rod


  1. Sometimes I wish I never learned to use a computer lol. But with cataracts, I can't do a lot of my hobbies right now so it's the computer or the boob tube!

  2. The scooter is great for scoping out all the businesses in the various strip malls. You can drive right thru these places quickly. Much faster than waiting in a car.I like your ideas.


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