Saturday, January 30, 2010


I spent the afternoon at the Mesa Swap Meet walking from stall to stall looking for the frog.  The ceramic fellow above.  He’s made down in Old Mexico somewhere way too far to drive from here.

But let me start over, Loyce likes our neighbors frog, that is out on her patio behind their park model.  I warned her that she had better watch the frog carefully for fear that Loyce would take it and put it in her trunk.

Now I really don’t think Loyce would do that but that’s how much she likes it.  It is a planter, and is open in the back to put a flower in.  So I rode out to the swap meet on the motor scooter looking for the frog.

This is a medium sized planter, but the one next door is a large one.  I didn’t want to steal over and take a picture of it, since we really don’t spend much time with them, and it might be a little pretentious to like the frog too much.

So anyway, I finally found this guy in a booth on the South end of the meet.  By then, I had walked about 2 miles, and I couldn’t just bring it home since I was on the bike.  Ceramic falling from a motorcycle seat doesn’t make for a good picture.

The vendor says he has a large one, which cost twice as much, but we will have to go back tomorrow and see what it looks like.  The neighbors’ is more blue and green, and not so much orange and red as this guy.  Seems that all the frogs are unique, and have their own personality.  And individual colors.
This story is just beginning, stay tuned….


Retired Rod


  1. That fellow looks absolutely Frogilicious:))

  2. I love this frog! It will look really neat at the lake house-tell my sis that I want one too! LOL

  3. Rod, went through your home town yesterday, took a bus with a college team to Kansas State in Lawrence, KC was 18 degrees and snowing when I headed home last night, accidents all over westbound I-70 closed. Just wanted to make you home sick..


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