Monday, January 18, 2010

Football and an Upcoming Storm

Another football kind of day.  It will all be over soon, and wives can have their husbands back after that. The super bowl is on the 7th of February, and no one cares about the pro bowl.  So hang in there, and it will all be over soon!

Of course it was all over for Arizona Saturday afternoon, as they failed to bring their A game to the Superdome in New Orleans.  The only talk on the sports shows here locally is whether Curt Warner will retire, and if that closes the "Window of Opportunity"  for the defenseless Cardinals.  Many are crying no Warner, no Championship.

So in that less than stellar light, we watched some of the games here today.  Dallas forgot to bring their A game as well, and got blown away by Brett Favre and his army.  And I'm not sure that it matters who won the Jets Chargers game  (Jets) as they will have to meet the Colts.  So tonight, it looks a lot the big game will be Favre vs Manning, not bad for a guy out of retirement.

Now I didn't just sit around all afternoon watching the games, as I headed out on the Motorscooter, and bought some groceries at the Wal Mart 4 miles distant.  This makes for a nice ride, on a sunny Sunday afternoon.   We reached only 66 degrees where we have been in the 70's for the last week, so it seemed cool.  Storms are on the horizon for the next week, and I rode the bike out and about most of the afternoon.  Tonight it went into hiding in the utility trailer, since it is washed up and doesn't want to get its hair wet.

Rain, and snow in the higher elevations, as the weatherman reminds us will dominate the next week.  And that is the week of Quarzsite.  We have made preliminary plans to drive over on Tuesday, but that is the day of the big rain.

We hope, that we can drive thru the storm and out the West side during the morning on Tuesday.  We need to be a little closer in time to see if the hourly forecast can be trusted.  So maybe we will go and then again maybe not.

In the mean time, Loyce keeps on working on her fabric pieces, and I keep reading the internet.  Interspersed with scooter rides, and local activities here at the park.  It is too cool to swim, so that is on hold for about a week.

Still looks to be much warmer than Kansas!  LOL

Retired Rod


  1. Just keep repeating, "It's still warmer than Kansas"!

  2. It looks like we may be having a bit of an unsettled weather week over here in Palm Springs too, Rod. It's cloudy this morning with a bit or rain in the forecast. I've got some things to do around here, so I don't actually mind too much as long as it's only a few days!


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