Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fighting the drug company

Today was my day to straighten out my prescriptions at my healthcare company.  Seems that at year end my insurance company fired the old drug provider, and hired a different one.

I found out in January as the web site no longer recognized me as a signon.  Drat!  So a lot of calls later, they claimed to have lost all my prescriptions.   Double Drat!

Today, I spent much of the morning and into the afternoon on the phone making calls getting all the numbers that are on the med cards, that I do not have.  Perhaps they are at home, so I have dispatched a runner to secure them.

After may phone calls, and most of the day, I think I have a new account with the new company.  I think they will have a cheaper drug cost, but I will have no cheaper premiums.  If all the scripts didn't transfer, I will end up going to the Dr to get new ones which will cost the insurance company.  But they are saving money or so they think.  Not.

This is a dilemma that many seniors face, but it is especially bad as an RVer when you are 1200 miles away from your Dr's office and home mail box.  And we are not even full timers, we can get it straightened out once we get home.  Fulltimers are never home or are always home however you look at it.

Once I got as far as I could on the phone for today, I headed out on the motorscooter to get some lunch and buzz around the town.  Same old places, but I went thru another RV/Park Model park West of our park.  Tower Point. It is just like this park used to be, as it has all the park models from twenty years ago, with very few vacant spots for RV's.

I do know that there is a minimum number of spots that must be saved for transient folks in order for a park to be classified as an RV park and not a mobile home park.  The property tax structure must be different, but I am not aware how it varies.  RV park must be cheaper.  I have signed papers stating that I am transient, especially at the Escapee parks.

Since we are not nearly as full as this other park, it is much more open here.  I was glad to ride out the back gate into the freedom of the open street.   That many folks packed into such a tight area really bugs me.

This evening we had a phone call from our son Ben, and used the speaker phone to hear the kids as they terrorized their home.  Nothing has changed in our absence, and that is good.  It is a little warmer in the Midwest now.

Retired Rod

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  1. My health care has been good so far and I haven't had any problems since I've been on the road - YET! My biggest problem is that all the doctors I like and trust are in Asheville, NC, while I am usually hundreds or thousands of miles away.

    I hope you have everything straightened out.


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