Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fountain Hills yet again!

Fountain Hills, is a Rodeo Drive kind of a town that is East of Scottsdale.  It is on a hillside that has many expensive homes on terraced streets that overlooks a man made lake in the center of downtown.  The Fountain is in the middle of the lake, and sprays water about 300 feet in the air.


We have been here last year as well as once before this year, but it was on a Monday, and the quilt store is closed on Monday, so.... we were back again today when the store was open.

The money is apparent in this community, as a young gal parked next to me as I was reading my book in the car, while Loyce was inside.  She was driving an older full sized Jaguar.  Parked in the stall next to her was a E class Mercedes.  And I quit paying attention after that.  The Camry was about like dog meat, Lol.

The day was overcast during the morning, and finally cleared to sunny in the afternoon.  We made 68  degrees by about 4PM.  Still somewhat cool, but encouraging.  Tonight we are to get rain before midnight, and it has become more cloudy since we came back from Fuddruckers, but it still doesn't look anything like the big rain storms from last week.  If it rains at all it will surely be only sprinkles.

The scooter is hiding inside his utility trailer, not ever looking out the skylight.  But he has a new cover that I bought him over at the Wal Mart  we discovered yesterday.  He got the more expensive model, since we were at Wal Mart anyway, and cheap can have a really bad meaning at the mart.

This afternoon as we were purchasing the new cover, the Camry had another oil change.  He has more miles on him than I think we have ever put on a car in one year.  He will be one on the 6th of February.

Tonight we are just hanging out!

Retired Rod

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