Sunday, January 10, 2010


Yesterday I asked Loyce, wasn't it about now last year when I went to that Hamfest over in Glendale?  She agreed, and when we arrived back home, I looked it up.  And as I surmised, the hamfest was this morning.  At 7AM!  An hour away from Mesa.

So, this morning I went to Westfest in Glendale.  I left at about 6:30, deciding that I really had no reason to be there exactly at 7.  And after stopping at an incredibly slow McDonalds for a egg McMuffin, I arrived about 8:45.

The parking lot had filled to over capacity, so I had to park out in the desert overflow lot.  This made for an additional hike back to the commons on the college campus.   This is a private school, and is a business school of some kind, but I have never spent too much time deciding about their specialty.

So I spent the morning looking over tables of older, nicely used radios and radio parts.  There were some new accessories vendors there as well, and I made purchases of assorted cables and pieces.  I found a new end for the GPS power cord, that was broken in the car crash last February.  I was really pleased about that.

Once back here in Mesa, Loyce took the car and headed out on one of her shopping journey's.  Again I hung back and read for a while until studying the back of my eyelids ensued.

I snapped out of that and spent a couple of hours on the motorscooter.  Over to Wendy's for a little burger, and off to Wal Mart.  In Wal Mart, I purchased some soap and toiletries, before heading into a new neighborhood that I had never been thru before. You see so much more from a bike than you do from a car, so almost every trip is like you have never been there before.

The neighborhood had a golf course, and driving range, suddenly I remember coming here with my father, hitting a bucket of balls back in the 80's.  I rode thru the parking lot, and folks were there in droves.  Saturday afternoon at 70 degrees!  And some nice memories for me of my dad.

I wonder if we come here to Mesa because they did, but it is really hard to beat the nice weather in January, without regard that they liked it too.

Tonight, we went to Fuddruckers, and had our usual meal with the sweet potato fries.  This is the first for them since we had them at Ben and Danielle's back in KC.  They are really good, but again hard on the old diet. Loyce opts for the chicken salad, so she isn't nearly as guilty as me.

Retired Rod

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