Friday, February 22, 2008

Austin, Tx Dem Debate

Were are staying at a Jayco dealer, Crestview RV and its attached campground. This is the dealer that lined me up with the the Jayco dealer in Sinton, Tx. There is a mega showroom and store here with, the campground attached to the side of the main parking lot.

This area is a new section that contains a Cabella's next door. In the next block is a new Wal Mart that has a store front that matches the Cabella's. There are a large number of support stores that surround these two anchor establishments.

We arrived here about 2:30 in the afternoon. After driving about five hours, I was just too tired to go on . The traffic between San Antonio and Austin seemed to be overwhelming.

I found out, after setting up and connecting the cable TV, that the Democratic debate for president was here in Austin tonight. At the University of Texas, it had been a political rally day, for the entire campus. Folks have traveled from all over to be part of the festivities. The debate tonight was on the campus and students were the only people in the audience. Now I know why the traffic was so bad.

The local news is having a hey day. The special coverage is on all the networks and has the TV captivated.

We went out to find some dinner around 7:00 PM and could not agree on a restaurant. We drove up the frontage road for several miles and settled on Taco Bell. I had a chalupa dinner and the boss had hard tacos. She likes the Bell, but in most cases, I would rather just pass.

The cars up and down I 35 are a solid ribbon of lights in each direction. We went toward Austin to see what the surrounding area included, and the traffic was so bad we just turned around and came back. It is quite late at night as I write this and the traffic noise is still heavy. This would not be a destination campground but for a night on the way to somewhere else it will do just fine.

The sites are all pull thru and concrete pads. The site width is even smaller than we have experienced to date. About 20 feet wide. So this is much like a parking lot with grass strips between each parking spot. Well be gone in the morning, so it is not a problem.

It is down to 50 degrees at bed time, and the high today was about 74 here. We had moments in San Antonio that we saw 80 on the dash. It had rained all the way from the ocean to about 10 miles East of of San Antonio. The sun came thru at mid day and thats when we saw the 80 degrees. Driving North caused an instant cooling. Dallas seems to be the line where the temps drop to below freezing. We will need to winterize the water system before we go too far North of the Dallas area.

So lets see what Friday brings.

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