Sunday, February 3, 2008

We Arrive in Rockport

4:00 PM We are here in the Lagoons RV park. We are set up on a site right in the middle of the East side. Its just a quick cut through to the Bathrooms and Loyce has been over and says they are nice. If she likes it then so do I.

Internet is not free! It is pay service. I am connected with the repeater to a distant Linksys but it is way too slow to do anything serious. Will have to figure out how to get signed up and pay the money.

Gota set up the TV for the Super Bowl next. It was 69 and foggy when we arrived. It is 6 or 8 degrees cooler her than in the RGV. I see it is 82 down there. Will have to change the weather button once I get a better connection.

5:00 PM Weather button Fixed and TV on the Super Bowl, life is good.

9:30 NY Giants win? Can you believe it? The odds makers are totally wrong. Still New England had the season of a life time. But go away empty handed tonight.

The last couple of years the last name to have has been Manning! You can not fathom such success.

Tomorrow is the first day of our Port Aransas adventure. Loyce likes it here a lot better. It is colder here and reminds us that it is still winter.

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