Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Back Out to Goose Island

The sun is shining. Yea! We are back out on Goose Island State Park. I see that Howard and Linda Payne were here yesterday. So if you read his blog this is a repeat, but with different pictures.

It was overcast when we were here last time, so its pretty this time. But it is only about 60 degrees so we stayed mostly, in the car. This is the fishing pier. I need to learn how to combine the next two pictures like Tioga George does as this would make a good panorama shot.

When you camp here, you are right out on the bay. They are digging up the plumbing on the West bath house so it is completely off limits.

Each of the little picnic shelters has the water and electric connection on one wall. The electric is inside and the water is visible in the picture on the outside.

Campers are in a row on the beach front facing the bay. Just gravel and a sea wall that is not more than 3 feet.

This is the Goose Island welcome committee. I'm not sure they approved of my arrival.

The campground also has a wooded circle that is on the mainland rather than out on the island. It is almost private campsites as each was cut out of the wooded area by itself. These are hard to get a picture of so I passed.

We also drove out to Mustang Island after lunch. (Whataburger) The tide was in quite a ways as it was mid to late afternoon. The waves were almost up to the roadway, and in some areas we drove thru the water. We went from access 1 to access 2 down the beach. It seemed like miles and miles but I think it was only about 7 or so.

I was concerned that the tide would get us before we got off the beach. We were following a small VW car, driving our 4x4 Pickup. They weren't having any trouble, so what was I so concerned about. I am not used to driving on sand and it was evident.

We went into Corpus Christi and went to Jo Ann fabric. It has been a month since Loyce has been in a Jo Ann store. That has to be some kind of record.

This evening we are in a Jalisco restaurant that was authentic Mexican food but forgot the camera so no pictures. But every one knows what refried beans looks like anyway.

More later.

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