Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Its all over

We were up at 6:30 and outside packing up. The hoses the electric. The wires for the TV. The jacks and blocks. Hooked up and ready to roll at 7:30.

It took about 45 minutes for us to get to the Jayco dealer. But as I walked in, the gal called me by name. They were waiting. I had just pulled into the lot and the guy says drop it right there. "Right in the middle?" "Yes thats no problem".

Then around the corner came his co worker with a kubota tractor and a ball hitch on the three point hydraulic lift. He backed under the trailer and hauled it away. Questioning about how large of trailer could be handled by this setup, revealed that all but the biggest designer Jaycos and some horse trailers were within its ability.

I had been having trouble with the black water valve sticking shut. You could pull with all your might and not budge the thing. We had just left it open with a hose on it to the park drain, for the last several weeks. I know that is not the correct way to use the system but when you can't get it open, you don't close it.

The service folks hooked up to their sewer and proceeded to flush the system. Then they opened the under belly cover and worked on the valve and its long rod. The valve is on the right side of the rig and the drain hookup is on the left. The pull rod goes thru the underbelly and thru several hangers to the valve body on the tank.

They straightened the the pull rod and lubricated the whole deal, and it seems to work again. I am somewhat skeptical that this will be a final repair for the problem, but now "how it works over time" will have to be the final judge.

As I have explained in previous blog entries, we have a leak under the lavatory in the bath. It has been there since the day we got this unit last summer. The wife has nagged me since it began to leak. I said Yea Yea Yea and did nothing, assuming I would get it done the next time we went to the dealer. That has never come to pass.

So they took apart the under side of the sink. Where the plastic pipes mate with the valve body of the sink faucet, there are conical shaped washers. One of which was crushed and torn. This we would assume was done by the installer at the factory. But with two new washers, we are now without the nagging water on the floor. And under our bed, and no more puddles in the middle of the night, and the adventure is over. Where's the fun in that?

By 2PM we were back at the Lagoons RV park. We set up camp back on our old site, spending time looking at all the water lines, to make sure we didn't have any more leaks. We appeared to our fellow campers as if we hadn't gone anywhere. And we were none the worse for the wear. Yea! Several neighbors that knew about our trip, came over interested in how the repair had gone.

We took a nap, in celebration. Funny how us old folks celebrate.

We only have two days left here at Rockport, so we will have to decide what we need to see and do before we leave. Any favorites?


  1. Take FM1069 (W. Market Street), follow it to Hwy 188. In the countryside if you watch and listen closely you should see sandhill cranes here and there. I don't know how interested you are in birds but we often did the trip. Any of the sideroads along there also have them.

  2. That is exactly how we left to go to the camper repair facility. As you cross the tail end of the bay, the birds are abundant. We had an appointment so we couldn't stop, but the opportunity is a good one.


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