Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Only one day left

We started the day with just hanging out, but then it was time for the Wal Mart run of the day. It always starts out that we are out of something like Ice or Eggs. But then we get there and the truck gets its back seat filled with those darned plastic sacks. Oh and $40 worth of gas.

So we didn't come back home as we were feeling cramped in the 29 footer. We drifted down business 35 to Aransas Pass trying to do some fast food. And not Whata Burger! Couldn't find much except Churches Fried Chicken and that just seemed so filling. So a small burger from McDonalds. Still a calorie bomb. What are you going to do, when you are too lazy to cook?

Wandered out to the ferry landing and we were right on the boat, without any wait. Once across, we wandered around Port A for about 45 minutes. Drove the side streets, that we had never been on before. The University of Texas has a Marine Center out on the North East corner of the Island. We drove around the buildings but didn't go inside.

Ended up out on the beach at the North end where the campers can stay overnight. No services and not much security, but they still charge a fee. At least Mustang Island State Park has a gate and a toilet. And water and electric. We will stay right here in the nice RV park at Lagoons. It is too tight, camper on camper but the safety factor is comforting.

We drove the beach for about 2 miles and parked for a while. It was cold and overcast but we won't be back for a while, so we just absorbed the experience.

At 4:30, we had to wait a while to get on the ferry going back. They run you to the Northeast along the shore line and then back to the ferry. There are parking spaces in front of each ferry gate that are the exact size as the ferry. So when the space is filled so is the ferry. Then they load you all at once when the boat arrives. It carries 16 cars in four rows of four. On busy days they run four boats.

We haven't discussed what to do tomorrow, but something will come to us. It always does. Oh and we are going to Charlotte Plumbers with our neighbors to the back of our lot. Jeannette and Alex. They have become good friends in the last 2 1/2 weeks. He is a ham radio fellow like myself, and the gals have much in common. That should be a good time.

We'll report on that tomorrow.

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