Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Quilt shops in Corpus Christi

We spent the day searching out quilt shops in Corpus Christi. Our list of shops and facilities came from the internet and quilting guide books. We headed out.

The first shop on our list turned out to be an old store that had the paint falling off and had long since been closed. And so it went, searching out addresses in a town that is totally strange to us.

One of the problems that we encounter, is that private individuals who do some sewing work out of their home, are listed just the same as a full service fabric and sewing center. So Alice's sewing has the same billing as Hancock Fabrics. We ended up in residential neighborhoods a lot of the time.

We did make it back out to the North end of South Padre Island, and then North to Mustang Island. We got out to the beach just north of Mustang State Park. The fog of yesterday was mostly gone, but the overcast was still evident. We drove the beach for the same 7 or so miles that we drove last week. Stopping and watching fishermen and the birds. It is cooler out there but still much fun.

Once in Port Aransas, at the North end of the island, we searched and found another quilt fabric store. It was CLOSED! Seems that Monday is the day off for the island. They have to work the weekends. Drat.

At supper time we were looking for yet a new experience. From a Rockport dining brochure, we decided to go find "Off the Hook". This was in a harbor area called Bay Cove. This is just South of Rockport. It seems the new experiences here will never end.

Here the girls are out enjoying the view of the bay. This is the wheelchair ramp entrance but also made a good viewing area.

The ever present White Pelicans were hanging around looking for a hand out. They came right over to us to see what we would give them. So much for wild birds.

There is a fish cleaning station right at the end of the parking lot. The birds are used to getting a free meal as the fish are cleaned. They could not seem to understand why we didn't have tasty morsels for them.

From the inside this is the windows in the dining room. I took this without flash, as I did not want to disturb the other diners, and also the emphasis is on the view outside.

Our table is the second from the left where Jean is sitting all by herself. As it got dark, fishing boats were returning from the bay and passed right under our window.

The meal began with water glass sized Margaritas. We had shrimp salads, that had grilled zucchini slices, as well as grilled shrimp. Soup was the starter, and was corn chowder. It was again too much to eat, but it was an hour earlier than last night. Got to stop with such big meals. Seafood is so abundant here that there is no end in sight.

Talking with the folks back in Des Moines again tonight, reports the temperature of 3 above. Lets just say we were more than comfortable here today.


  1. It's a $200 fine for feeding the pelicans in Texas! You'll notice the fishermen don't feed them directly but thrown the fish entrails into the water. I'm not sure that's legal either!

  2. Thanks for the warning, but we do not plan to fish this week or again while we are in Texas. The pelicans will have to go hungry. And I'll keep my $200 too.


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