Friday, February 8, 2008

Dinner on the Sea

We went to Charlotte Plumber's Restaurant. Its out on the harbor, in Fulton, Tx.

Our table was upstairs along the windows that overlook the fishing boat docks.

It was just dusk as we sat down, so the sun set while we were there. Except these windows face East. So it just got dark. If there was a good sunset, we didn't see it.

Man this place is old. The menu was sea food with a couple of steaks thrown in for good measure. Loyce had flounder that was stuffed and I had the ever present batter fried shrimp. The salad bar was back down stairs. so we went down and got soup and salad. Had to carry it all back up the steep stairs to our table. I took this picture of the stairway just to give the feeling of the age of this building. I asked the bus girl what happened if I spilled my soup. She said she had cleaned up a lot of spilled soup over the years.

They drag for clams here in the bay. They have a basket with tines on one side, that rakes the sandy bottom. The sand goes on thru the basket, and the clams are caught. The catch is bagged in large burlap bags, and loaded on trucks with fork lifts, once it is all back on the dock. This looks to be hard work.

For those of you who read RV-Dreams blog, you will remember that Howard Payne did not feel that the food was up to par in the sea food restaurant that he visited. He was staying across the street in the local motel.

He never mentioned the name of the joint, where they had the sub par meal. However one would have to assume that it was Charlotte's. We did have good meals. Loyce did have some trouble once we got back to the RV. She was over to the Rec Center twice, before she was better for the experience.

We are curious about why Howard said it was sub par, but the councelor in him would not reveal the facts as he experienced them. If he had the same troubles that Loyce experienced, perhaps Charlotte's is for the more seasoned digestive system.

We are 63 degrees here in mist and overcast. We had a high of 73 and sunny yesterday, as beautiful as could be requested. I see that KC has 32 this morning and had a high of 43 yesterday. I believe they have turned the winter corner as well. We need to give it another week or two before we will head back North. Cold weather sissies that we are.

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