Saturday, February 16, 2008

Much of Nothing

Today was a very overcast day. The RV park was having its yard sale. This is where we all put stuff out in front of the RV and sell it to the guy two doors over, for next to nothing and laugh when he carries it around with him for the next two years.

We are really new at this RV game, and are not full timers. So we do not have a lot of unnecessary junk, yet. We have been fairly good at acquiring stuff, but haven't had much urge to toss or sell anything. When we start blowing tires, because of the overweight situation, it will be time to, ..... get a bigger RV of course.

I looked at some of the stuff laying on neighboring tables, on the way to the shower house, but did not have a wallet with me. I had no money, even if I would have had the urge to carry something home.

When our friends were here this week, we went all over the place and did vacation things. Seeing all the sights that we knew of. But since then we have dropped back into everyday living. Ah the RV park type of life. Doing the day by day stuff of everyday life. Not vacation stuff.

The folks behind us, from North Texas, decided to go home, and we got some new neighbors from Ohio. They are staying beyond when we will leave. They have a Jayco 5th wheel that is an Eagle series. They told us horror stories about some of the maintenance their rig has required. That was reassuring. Their rig is only 4 months older than ours.

Thru the evening hours tonight and on into Saturday, it is supposed to become windy and rainy. The weather forecast is calling for tornado warnings along the Gulf of Mexico as it rains and the wind blows. Not looking forward to that, with much anticipation. Remember Larry the cable guy when he says, "happier ana tornada ina trailer park".

We went out and went to the hardware store, (Ace is the place) and the fruit stand and Walmart today. Came home with more goodies to haul to the next campground. See the post above about the bigger RV. I read on one of the other blogs, that Walmart is called the $100 store. You can't go there without spending $100. Boy isn't that the truth!

I bought a gallon of the pink waterline antifreeze. I would hope that I would not need it going back to Kansas. The temperatures up there tonight, and for the next week tell me, we will be draining the water on our way North. I have never left the heat on while I was underway. Do not know if that is a good idea. Maybe a good question post for the forums.

Well just rambling about nothing, so will stop wasting your time. Mine is unlimited!

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