Saturday, February 2, 2008

Connected with the Repeater


Hey I am connected with the repeater. I only have between 6 and 10 % signal with the router outside on the roof of the trailer. But at least it is a connection, no matter however slow. I won't try any pictures with this lash up.

We went back to the flee market this morning. I bought a 6 X 15 plastic ground mat from a fellow that has stacks and stacks of them on his tables. Wanted cash or a check. No charge cards costs too much to get the money. Oh and a bicycle flasher for the back of Loyce's bike. She rides around after dark and can't be seen too well.

Now I am just hanging out. Packing things and getting ready to go.

9:30 PM We got back from Chili's about an hour ago and learned that all Chili's menus are not the same. The one down here in real Mexican country is decidedly more Tex Mex than the gringo Chili's up North.

Fresh water in Fresh tank. Black water drained gray water drained, hoses washed and stowed.

In the morning we will jack up the jacks and disconnect the cable tv and the electric. Hitch up the truck and stow the last minute stuff and were off. Oh and I'll need to put away pitstop here as that is what I call the wifi repeater.....

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