Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentines Day Fun

We had a drink the other night at Paradise Key restaurant out on allegro key, here in Rockport. We decided it was just our style for a Valentine celebration for two. It looks more inviting in the warm sun of the afternoon.

As we entered, we passed right thru the dining room, and headed for the bar out on the outside deck.

We found our table out next to the band stand. The views are of the attached Marina and boats everywhere. This is our kind of thing, since we have the place in Lake Ozark. We were at home!

Our view and our cool table.

Boats everywhere.

The menu had crab cake sandwich. Or as it explained, the closest thing you can get to SpongeBob's "Crabby Patty". These were adorned with curly fries. We always order them extra Clispy which is a joke from Francie's Bar in Des Moines. The meal was topped off with Key Lime Pie.

But as we were leaving, Loyce struck up a conversation with the owner. He has the Leopard Morey Eel in the bar. He said he could handle the eel and feed him as well. This we had to see. He went into the bar, and the eel came right out to see him. He was able to pet the eel at will. I would think the thing would bite him, but no way. It was his buddy.

He had no trouble getting the eel to pose for his picture.

He also has a large salt water tank, that has many striking fish in it. The Blue Tang would not cooperate for his picture. So I had to just set up and wait for the fish to swim into the frame. He was going way too fast to get a clear shot.

And another fish with less color.

We had fun at the Paradise Key restaurant! We think we will go back!

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