Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Lagoons RV Resort

The Lagoons RV Resort

This is the front gate and the administration office. We were only in there long enough to unload the cash to rent a spot.

This is the fountain in front of the office. the main drive behind the fountain goes to the activity center.

The activity center is in the form of a U shape, with this side being the pool side. The shuffle board courts are in the center of the U.

This is our street from about half way back. We are on the left behind the red truck, and then behind a big Jayco 5th wheel.

Hard to remember that our trailer is 29 Feet when you are in the land of the giants.

I was waiting to take these pictures until the sun came out, but we have only seen it for fleeting moments since we have been here. The lots are only 25 feet wide, but the wide angle of the camera lens makes them seem much bigger than they are.

We had the awning out yesterday and over night, The wind came up this morning and shook the whole unit, flopping the awning so it had to be put away.

We went out today and found the quilt store that is here in Rockport. It is right off of the main drag that faces the bay. Just around the corner from the Holiday Inn Express, which also faces the water. We followed the water front North, all the way up to the Bay bridge. We were across this yesterday when we went to the old tree, so we didn't cross today.

We came back and looked for a place to change our truck's oil. We finally decided that Wal Mart would do as well as anything, so we got in line. They changed it out with almost no wait and no issues either. Changed the filter and 7 quarts of oil for $44 so that is about right. We use Valvoline Dura Blend which is half synthetic and half conventional oil. It is $3.84 a quart even at Wal Mart. The oil alone was almost $28 if you bought it cash and carry so this is really a deal and my hands stayed clean.

The temperature here was 73 degrees and the wind is about 15 to 20 out of the East. A typical spring day in KC. Only its February here and not April. The days are longer in April but otherwise you wouldn't know the difference. I see it was 35 in KC this afternoon so it won't be long and it will be nice there too.

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