Saturday, February 23, 2008

Gainesville, Tx

6:00 PM Friday Evening

We are camped behind a shopping mall in Gainesville, Texas. The RV spots behind the mall have full hookups, but because it is a mall, there are no bath house facilities. There is a restroom in the mall that is open until 8:00 PM. After that you are on your own for facilities.

They do have a mall security guard that starts at 7:00 PM and has the list of people that paid the $15 to stay back here. There is an honor box on the first campsite, with check in sheets and a drop box. So I suppose that one could get a paper and not pay. The guard would not know until they emptied the box in the morning.

Its the old auditor in me looking for the loophole in the system. Sorry about that.

I have the internet thanks to the repeater router that is on top of the RV. It can see the hotel system that is over on the other side of the interstate. It locks on fairly solidly. Not that the hotel would like that but I won't tell if you don't.

We are just a few miles South of the Texas Oklahoma state line. The I -35 mile mark here is 501 so we are 501 miles North of Laredo, Tx. It might be 20 miles to Oklahoma but not much more than that.

There is an Appleby's out on the front side of the mall so we will maybe go there in a few minutes.


We went out to the Appleby's and it was just like all the other Appleby's I've been in over the years. Thats the trouble with chain restaurants, they are all the same. Good meal though and that is what we were looking for.

As I search the internet weather forecasts for Saturday, I find that we are to get rain in the afternoon in the Wichita, KS area, and on into the evening. This is just as we will be traveling thru the area. The temperature at that time will be just above or right at freezing. So we may have to skate home with the truck and trailer Saturday afternoon. Lets hope it stays above freezing during the time I need to squeak thru.

We met a fellow here, that came thru Kansas Friday afternoon and he said it was slick and then melting and sloppy. That doesn't reassure me much.

We will pump winterization antifreeze into the water lines on Saturday morning, after we get our bathing and such taken care of for the day. So if worse comes to pass, we will just stop and stay in a Motel somewhere.

The next blog should come from the bricks and sticks location in Kansas City, Ks.

Until then........

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