Sunday, February 17, 2008

Paid Internet connection is over.

At exactly 10:00 AM the computer browser went blank and asked for more money. With Microsoft and the cookie setup, our machines are really run by big brother.

Just like George Orwell wrote in the Novel 1984. He was only able to envision just a part of what we have today. Luckily his political worries did not come to pass. That is still a good read today, if you can keep in mind it was written in the early 1950's.

We are again connected with the repeater router, to an unsecure wifi. This is only about a 8 percent signal, or about one bar on your cell phone, so it doesn't work much of the time. Its worth just about what I pay for it. Nothing.

We watched the weather here much of the afternoon, but fortunately the heavy winds did not materialize. Or at least not as they were predicted. Much of the strong rain and wind was farther North of us.

By 4PM we loaded up in the pickup and headed into Corpus. Its about a 30 minute run down the coast and across the bay. We went to the strip Highway 358 that connects the Padre Island to the South end of Corpus. This is the real heart of the shopping and dining area of town. We went out into the newer South side and just drove around. Oh and I went into the Corpus traders mall.

This is little Mexico right here in Texas. It is set up as a Mercado would be in Mexico. The stores are inside the big building and are mostly made of chain link fencing. The isles are very narrow and merchandise is displayed in every manner. Mostly on tables and boxes. Very few sales counters as we are used to in US stores. I didn't buy anything but the experience was worth the 15 or so minutes I spent looking. Loyce sat in the truck.

We went out onto Padre Island but it was almost dark, and there was almost no activity out there. Even the folks that live there were staying home. Chased inside by the weather.

We ate supper at the Cracker Barrel. I commented that this is the first non TexMex sit down meal we have had in a month. But then we had a lot of Sea Food up here in Rockport, that would not be TexMex, so that wasn't true. But it was a chain restaurant, and we haven't been to many of those here.

Back home, it poured rain for about 45 minutes. That is the first hard rain we have experienced here since we came. We have had rainy days but mostly drizzle, not pouring rain. It has been 90 percent humidity here all day, so tonight will be stuffy with the RV closed up. Still we are in the high 60s and made 71 or so today. The folks in the Az desert were in the 40's, so we won't complain.

Tomorrow we will begin to pack up to go to the Jayco dealer for repairs. We need to move out early Monday morning, so we will have to be ready the night before. The blog may be short or skipped all together tomorrow, so don't worry we will be back, hopefully with fixed plumbing.


  1. They sell a anti at best buy to receive wifi signals and has a megnetic base. Do U think this would help?

  2. It's a possibility, I'll check it out. We have 18 inch tall 9 db gain antennas on the router that replace the stock 3 inchers.


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