Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Texas State Aquarium

As you arrive.

Waterfall over the entry door.

Dolphin show.

Take a bow.

Play after the show.

More showing off.

Touch the stingrays.

Feeding the fish.

I really do not like your flash.

They were not swimming with the sharks.

The sea turtle.

The Rosate Spoonbill.

The smaller Alligators.

The big boy lives outside in his own marsh.

Back up at Rockport after another drive up the Mustang Island Beach.

The sea side of one of the Allegro bay homes. It would do!

We even have common Mallards here too.

Paradise Key Restaurant out on Allegro Key!

The stained glass window over the bar.

The Morey Eel that lives in an aquarium at the bar.

What a day we had! So many pictures and only limited space to show them off.

More tomorrow.

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