Monday, February 4, 2008

A Scouting Day

We went out scouting around today. Burned about a whole tank of truck gas looking all over. We went south down 35 business to Aransas Pass and then out over the causeway to the ferry landing.

From there we caught the ferry boat across the channel to Port Aransas and Mustang Island State Park. We checked with the office, and there are camp sites available on the State Park grounds with water and electric. No sewer! I thought later, that I should have asked how to dump the sewer, but I forgot. It costs $16 a day, but then there is the per person user fee of $4 each, so that is $8 more, so $24 a day to park (camp), in a parking lot that is all asphalt. In the fog at night, with only beach type toilets and no other facilities. Oh, and sand everywhere.

Wouldn't want to stay there long! But a night or two right on the beach would be an experience. It would need to be a bunch warmer than today, before I would want to try it. Wind is about 20 MPH our here.

We went out on the public beach at Port Aransas. This is a drive on beach like Daytona, Florida. It goes for miles. It has a barrier of posts that keeps the cars from driving out into the sea. Not too many folks out there today.

We ate in a sea food restaurant that had big windows and a deck facing the channel from the bay to the open water. I think it was called the fin. We ordered fried shrimp dinners. I'm still stuffed.

We also went North over the Copano Bay Causeway to Goose Island State Park. This is where the 1000 year old tree is located out by the open ocean.

That covers a lot of the sights that are in this area. We didn't stay too long at each location, but rather just got the lay of the land, so we can decide on things to do, and know where things are, as we converse about the area with other park residents.

We had 73 degrees as a high temp today here in Rockport, and looking at the airport data in Harlingen, the valley had a high of 84. That is 11 degrees cooler here but they had 30 MPH winds down there also, so what is the right answer?

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  1. Wow, you sure covered a lot of territory! We spent two weeks at Mustang Island State Park, except for their showers which weren't wonderful, we had a great time. It was only $18 last year. You also ate at our favorite restaurant. If you go back and they have their fish soup (I forget exactly what they call it), try it. It's wonderful! We also stayed two weeks at Goose Island SP. Hard to say which I liked better - ocean or bay? Lovely great blue heron in your header!


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