Thursday, February 21, 2008

Charlotte Plumbers and were outa here!

We went over to the bay today and drove up and down the bay road. We parked along the bay North of Charlotte Plumbers. We sat there for about an hour enjoying the sea shore. It will be hard to see from Kansas City.

We went on about our business, finished the errands on our list and came home. It seemed that time just flew, as it was almost time to go with the neighbors, back to Charlotte's.

At 5:30 we caravaned back to the shore, and the restaurant. We had shrimp and fish dinners, with baked potato and salad bar. It was quite good. The soup pot was still a dismal offering, just like the last time we were there. We passed on it. The view of the harbor was calm and serene. Our conversation with Jeanette and Alex proved we had many things in common.

After reconvening at their RV, the conversation traveled to many more topics, and resulted in an exchange of emails and street addresses. We can only hope we will meet these fine folks again in another setting. Or who knows, back here at Lagoons next winter.

We are not nearly as organized for our departure tomorrow as we were to go for our service appointment. Somehow our hearts are not as committed to the project. We haven't chosen a road to depart on or a destination for tomorrow. Perhaps this will all come clear by the light of day, in the morning.

We have talked that it is a waste of mileage to go to San Antonio when we could go straight North on Hwy 77. But then that isn't an interstate. It is four lane for some of the way but mostly it is just an ordinary US highway. If we do go over to San Antonio, we will go around the city on the outer beltway. If you look at the map, it is apparent how far West San Antonio is from a straight line going North.

The underlying factor here isn't the trip, it is the weather from Oklahoma City North to KC. We just do not want to run into the snowy roads and Ice that other folks have experienced recently. It is cold in the MidWest tonight. Calls to Iowa revealed 2 degrees and KC is about 15. We will not get away from the cold, but bad roads and slick conditions, I can do without.

One thing is for sure, we will leave tomorrow. When we get set up and have internet again, we will blog all about it. See you then.

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