Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Move In

It is just like moving to a new house or apartment. The move in, from the RV to the house. Full time RVers never experience the move in move out qualities of the winter snowbird RVer. You get back to the sticks and bricks and you make the transition of all your junk back into the house.

This takes quite a period of time and many trips between rig and the house. We do have complete sets of bedding and kitchen utensils and so forth in the RV, and never move these things. But much of what was being used in the RV must be washed and put back. And all the groceries and refrig items and so on get carried back into the house.

We have been busy with all these things to get ourselves back to the sticks and bricks lifestyle. The trailer is just filthy from traveling thru the storms yesterday. But with the new snow here and temperatures in the mid 30's it is just not a time to wash the vehicle.

So the trailer was stored dirty. The new snow in the storage lot proved to be another obstacle. Even in 4 wheel drive the trailer did not back into its parking spot with ease. The snow was wet and sticky and the truck spun its wheels rather than move the trailer. Once in its stall, I just dropped it and locked it and left the lot. Too cold and wet to hang around.

Back home, I continue to go thru everything and put stuff away. Boring but necessary.

Otherwise we have worked with the computer and some of my Des Moines friends to get a picture exchange program to work between us. It requires ports to be opened in our firewall and routers. It seems that computer configuration can take forever and waste time like crazy. You wonder where the day went and have not much to show for it.

It also does not provide much to blog about.

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