Monday, February 25, 2008

Lagoons RV at Rockport, Tx

As I sit here late at night in KC, Ks I reflect on the park experience in Rockport. I think about the positives of the park, and the drawbacks.

Its all concrete and some grass between units. They do not allow mats to cover any of the grass as once killed the yards would never come back. Also they have a drip sprinkler system that would ruin your mat and make a general mess.

The electric is only 13 cents a KW and that is favorable. The temperature in February never reached a point where air conditioning was necessary. We did use it to dehumidify the air at night sometimes as sleeping became muggy, even though it was cool. It was never cold enough to run much heat. We only used about 10 pounds of propane, and our electric was $26.

Our site was not more than 22 feet wide. It was close to the next guy. This didn't seem to bother my wife a bit. She just stuck to her self and didn't get bothered by it. I don't like the windows covered by the shades all the time.

We have a rear living room unit with a full picture window. It simply peered in the back of the next guys rig. We may have had 10 feet between us and maybe not. We were at an angle so the rigs were not but up against each other, but may as well have been.

These pictures were taken in the exact same spot. My back was to the rig behind us and I turned a quarter turn to take each shot leaving out the back of the camper behind me.

We had the electric transformer right beside us, and it hummed late at night. Our bed is in the front, away from it, so it wasn't too noticeable, once you were out of the living room area.

When I had the awning out, it only missed the slide on the fifth wheel next door by about 18 inches. At first I used the sun shade to make a private sitting area. The wind came up and shook the whole unit, and the awning, so it all had to be put away.

This became awfully tight as the weeks progressed. I was alright with it at first, but became less tolerant as time passed. It worked, but we couldn't entertain under our awning, when our friends from Iowa came, as it didn't have any elbow room.

I found myself wanting to leave the park every day just to get my breath. There are plenty of things to keep you occupied, with the beach and all the birds to see. Restaurants seemed to abound, and there was Corpus to explore.

We never did seem to get into the parks activities, like we did at the RGValley Park. Seemed that these things were aimed at the folks that were there for all winter. Since we only stayed 18 days, we were never included in things much. This may have been our own fault, however.

So bottom line, would I go back? Ya probably. Would I book three months? Not without a better spot, or some more appealing activities.

I know several of my readers have stayed here. Add comments and tell me where you agree, and disagree. And yes I know it is the nicest park in the area.

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