Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

Be our Valentine.

And to our second son, and we only had two, Happy Birthday!

I'm still looking and enjoying the pictures that provide memories of our day at the Texas Aquarium.

The Dolphins are still jumping!

This guy knows what a camera is and turns around and hides from them. Otherwise he likes all the people. Quite a card.

We all liked the turtle and he wouldn't come to the front of the tank. Again I think everyone wants to take his picture. But he cruised by real fast. I have retouched the color and exposure. I should have taken my big flash. The light seemed to get lost in the tanks.

From the Amazon jungle tanks. This fellow would be a silver dollar except he weighed about 5 pounds.

This Piranha was 8 to 10 pounds, but what the picture doesn't show is, that the tank had 20 or more of these guys. Man I'll bet that is a feeding frenzy. We were teasing each other to put your hand in the water. Ha Ha!

And just next door is the Lexington. The Lex is a museum, and takes most of the day to see. We were just too tired, to start over. Maybe next time.

We went to several stores for Loyce to shop for goodies, and then to Wal Mart for groceries. As the day became late, we drove out to Sinton, Tx. There is a Jayco dealer there, and we have an appointment for Monday to get our plumbing problems worked out. As early as we can get there. And we don't get around very early, so that will be a challenge.

I am very excited that we may get our problems fixed. If we come back to the frozen North, we will have to have our plumbing working.

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