Saturday, February 2, 2008

Would you buy a camp site?

We were back over in McAllen again today. To pick up the prescriptions that we ordered yesterday. They didn't have all the meds we needed so they had to get them overnight. We were there for about 30 minutes, but I think some of the time was spent shopping, as it could not have taken that long to just pick up the scripts.

They have quite a line in all these pharmacies down here. And its not all us gray haired folks either. Most faces are the local hispanic folks. Just seems to take forever. You will remember my posts about Wal Mart from previous days.

We drove out West of Mission when we were done with the drug thing. The valley looks like more of the same. Field after field all irrigated. Some vegetables, but mostly sugar cane. As we came back, we went back down to the Bentsen Palms area, South of Mission.

Its my fault because I stopped to look in a model home. Looked at the plan and square feet and the cost and so forth. The salesman was a RV site owner from Detroit. He had a fifth wheel that he pulls with a shortened semi tractor. 40 Ft Fiver with three axles. Big momma. He was very enthusiastic about the place as he was an owner of a nice lot.

Two bedroom home 159K

Blurry but this was the living room

Once Loyce came in, he had us and we were captive for the entire sales pitch. We looked at houses, camper lots and the rec center. He was a good salesman and it was all we could do not to say sure we'll take one of each. We ended up with the entire sales package and a card to call when we make a decision. We were lucky to get away with our shirt.

Inside the Rec center

More Rec Center

That said it really is a nice park. Or should I call it a living community, as it was more house like lots that had common yard maintenance.

Because it is connected to the Bensten wildlife preserve, the outside plantings are controlled by the covenants. They landscape your yard like the preserve wants, and you have to please the Architectural Committee with anything you do. Still it is so nice compared with these old trailer parks, it is a breath of fresh air.

Super SiteThese sites have a 12 x 20 Coach House, complete with electric, water and sewer. Sites are 48 to 59K. The build out on the inside of your coach house, is on you ,after the lot is yours of course. We looked in the salesman's Coach shack, and he had it finished as a small living room with a toilet and shower. A private bath house with couch and TV. What's not to like.

Let see, Fiver 60 K, Truck 50K, Lot 49K= 159K Two bedroom house 159K. A push! What is your pleasure?

They do have a RV park adjacent to this property, but it is quite nice as well. Rules, rules, and more rules. This is way over to the West edge of the Valley which makes it as far as possible from the ocean. I would have to be totally sure that all I wanted to do every winter from now on was come to Texas. I'm not sure what I will do next summer let alone for years to come.

This is the night before the last day in Llano Grande. Tomorrow we will need to turn in our name badges and also the cable modem. That will effectively put me off the air until we get settled in the Lagoons Park in Rockport, Tx. on Sunday night. We will be brand new up there, so we will start over learning a new area. That should be fun!

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  1. You'll be amazed at all the huge water birds along the Beach Road. Also if you're up before dawn the Great Blue Herons sleep in the live oaks just beside the little mall where Bealls Outlet store is. At dawn they fly by the hundreds over to the water.


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