Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunny and 76

First things first. Happy Birthday number one son Chris! His birthday has a 9 on it this year so next year is a new decade. Just think how much smarter you will be with a new first digit in your age.

This egret wanted to pose for me. He came closer and strutted his stuff.

Here are some of his buddies out in the shallows. Folks ask, just how many birds are there? This will give some further perspective.

This pier was covered in birds.

But they are segregated. The pelicans seem to stay by themselves.

We spent the day kicking back! It was quite humid early on in the AM hours. The night dew was all over the ground as I took Brandy the bichon dog out for her morning relief.

As the day warmed, the sun seemed to bake the moisture out of the ground and the surrounding campers. The shower house was a steam bath, so we didn't linger long in there.

By about noon the breeze came up to about nine miles per hour and we put the awning out for some shade. I have been reading the latest John Grisham Novel, "The Appeal" so some awning time with the good book was in order.

By about 2PM we decided that the local quilt shop was calling our name, or at least it was calling Loyce's name, so it was off to get more fabric that we will add to the collection of projects we will start some day.

About that time our mystery guests from Iowa called and informed us they had arrived. We coordinated our locations and they stopped by the quilt shop on their way into town. We have been good friends with this couple for at least ten years now and they will see some of the sights with us in the next few days.

I have not named these folks as I am letting the readers in the Iowa area try to figure out who they might be. So if you are in Iowa and you do not know who is missing, look around and guess who's gone.

We had dinner at the restaurant just up the beach road from Charlotte Plumber's. This place is called Alice Fay's. It is again a sea food joint right on the beach. Loyce had Mahi Mahi and I had a sole white fish. Our guests had crab cakes and shrimp. Man was I stuffed. It was more tasty than Charlotte Plumbers and was all on the main floor.

Dinning Room right on the water.

Check out this areal view of the restaurant.

Tomorrow will be a day out on the beach on Mustang Island. That should be a good time!

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  1. Since I talked on Skype to your visitors this morning I will refrain from guessing. Have fun today and stay warm. It's -5 below here north of DM.


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