Saturday, February 23, 2008

We are Home

Not that our trusty RV isn't home, but we are back to our address of record. Where we have to pay all the real estate taxes. And the income tax and all the other taxes. OK rail over!

We came in about 7:30. Drove thru rain since Oklahoma City. Temperature was 31 most of the way but was down to 28 in the Flint Hills South of Emporia, KS. Rain started to get hard thru there.

Haven't been here a half hour and the rain changed to snow. Big heavy wet stuff. I thought that's what we were trying to avoid. Well we are here just in time to shovel the stuff. Oh and now we can see the Grandkids. Which will make the snow seem trivial. I could have waited another week but the wife couldn't.

Everything is fine and we are safe and sound. No tickets, no tire problems, car ran fine, all is well. Kinda cold behind the shopping center, this morning as we had 29 degrees while I was winterizing the water system. The sun was out and the wind was from the South, so that all went well too.

We are unloading our stuff in the snow so better see how I can help.......

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