Monday, February 11, 2008

We see the sights

We spent the day showing the sights to our Mystery guests from Iowa. Since we have only been here a week ourselves, I am not sure how good of a tour host we are, but we had fun any way.

We went out thru the expensive homes on the Allegro Island area, that faces the bay here in Rockport. This is lined with harbor canals that allow every home to have a boat dock, at the back of their lot. The canals connect to the sea from a main harbor entrance.

Allegro Canal behind the homes.

The front line of homes is right on the bay, and looks out to the open water. They do not have protected boat lifts, but do have the sea view in its place. Priorities!

Back on the bay this is a historic Mansion on the Fulton Bay, looking at the water.

We went up to the Goose Island area again, and went to the 1000 year old oak tree. We also went to the state park. I was disappointed that the pelicans were not there in the numbers that we have seen previously.

Not too far from the tree is this sign about the alligators. One must never forget.

The weather is changing here as it is supposed to be rainy tomorrow. That could have the effect to cause the birds to go more inland for protection.

From there we went to Aransas Pass and out over the ferry landing to Port Aransas. We had lunch or perhaps it was dinner as we had shrimp dinners at Fins. This restaurant is on the harbor on the outer island. We enjoyed this meal immensely.

While we were eating, the fog came rolling in from the sea. It completely blanketed the town and made the beach a white out. We could not see the water from the sandy part of the driving beach. We were not 100 feet away. Still couldn't make out the waves.

Weather can change fast here on the sea.

So now that the Iowa folks have had to quiz themselves, to see if they know who came to see us. Its Larry and Jean from Greenfield, Iowa. They are on their winter tour of the South, and dropped by here in Rockport, on their way to the Rio Grande Valley for a few days.

It has been fun to have them here, as we are really all by ourselves, as far as old friends go. We have, however, made new friends in every campground, and that has been fun as well.

As we connected back to Iowa on the Internet this evening, I was reminded that the temperature in Des Moines, was 2 degrees. Since we have been down here all winter from the first of the year, I have forgotten just how cold that is. I'm Chicken to go find out!


  1. If you want to see the pelicans at Goose Island, go to the boat dock around 3:00 p.m. The pelicans gather at the fish cleaning station and they know that's the time the fishermen usually start to come in. Who knows how they can tell time but they do!

  2. Sandra that is where and when we saw them the other day. I never thought about the fisherman, but see the logic in what you have explained. Thanks for the good info!


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