Monday, February 18, 2008

The day before the repair.

The storm rained off and on during the night. Mostly just mist. It did feel like it was cold by morning. A check of the weather shows only 51 during the 6AM time. Not cold, just cool. I have become a sissy to the cold. Spoiled.

The day here after the storm was beautiful. We reached a high of 79 this afternoon. That is the highest temperature we have seen here in Rockport. It required some air conditioning in the afternoon as the trailer gets much hotter than it is outdoors. This is the first time we have run the AC since we left the RGV.

I took the nice weather as an opportunity to wash the RV. It has not been washed since last fall when we stored it after coming home from Boston. While not filthy, it was dirty. Its white, so the grime does not stand out as much, but it looks much better now.

Then the truck got the same treatment. Now it is dark Green and it did look grimy. We washed it in the RGV with the wand wash and a foaming brush. It never did seem to get clean. The dust of the Valley agriculture covered it almost at once, after the last wash.

Since it was wash day, Loyce rounded up all the clothes, and ran them thru the laundry tonight as well. The dog had her bath yesterday, so I guess we are clean to go.

Tomorrow is the big day to get our rig looked at and repaired. We have to be up before first light, in order to get over to the repair shop as soon as possible. I have my fingers crossed that we can repair our problems.

I have purchased camping thru Wednesday, so we will be on our way North Thursday. With or without repairs. Lets hope the weather up North softens a bit for us to sneak back. I just do not want to drive in freezing rain and snow, while pulling the trailer...........

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