Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year / Tortilla Flat

After all the morning routine here at the RV park, we decided to go up in the nearby superstition mountains to the town of Tortilla Flat. The description of “town” is a little bit liberal, as it is about 3 or 4 buildings in the creek valley above Canyon Lake.

A tourist trap with a restaurant and curio shop. Another building is a gift shop that they sell Ice Cream Cones, for $3. There is also a campground in this valley, but the drive up, would not be for big rigs.

This is the restaurant.


Looking down the street at the Ice Cream store in the distance. In between was an open air picnic area, with a live band. Drinks and food were available from a stand in the back.


The band was playing Willie Nelson hits.


Canyon Lake


At the waters edge.


A rugged canyon before the lake.


Picture of the inside of the restaurant. Wallpapered with dollar bills. Note the saddle seats.



Rock formations across from the buildings. Like a mini Devils Tower.


Across the road to the East.


Tonight we celebrated the New Years Eve by going to Garcias, a Mexican restaurant that is West of here about 2 miles. We had one in Des Moines years ago, but I think it is no longer. It is quite good, with all the chips and salsa, and the burito muchaca. I am stuffed. Will have to make it until midnight because I am too full to go to sleep. LoL

Tomorrow I look forward to the Iowa Hawkeyes playing on New Years Day. Can’t beat that, when your alma mater is in a new years bowl. May miss the parades though, as the game is early early.

So Happy New Year, and we hope that this year is the one, that will make the difference in your life. For us, we have another grandchild on the way, and are overwhelmed with joy.

Retired Rod

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