Monday, January 5, 2009

And the rains came.

It was never warm here all day.  It wasn’t cold either.  Just overcast and rainy.  We got up to about 55 by mid afternoon, and the rains came.  But our skys never cleared, and the rains continued into the evening.  We are so spoiled, that we expect warm and sunny all the time.

So today was not what we expected.  Now I know that my fellow blogger in Spokane, Wa, Jenny Johnson had minus 8, and over 6 feet of snow, so I am a big baby to Wa Wa Wa about 50 degrees.  So we will enjoy the rain and the high 30’s we are to have tonight. 

It is still no match for all the nasty weather in the rest of the country, and we are lucky to be here.  Still it will be cool here in the travel trailer tonight. We have the oil filled electric radiator, and the propane furnace to keep us warm.

After driving all day yesterday going to quartzite, we hung around the RV today and watched some TV.  Bored, I set up the Sirius  Satellite radio, and we had music for the afternoon.  And of course, I surfed the internet most of the afternoon.

By late afternoon, we headed out for Wal Mart.  We needed more groceries, and wanted to make some chili for supper to help warm things some.  We were also out of sewer chemical, and one doesn’t go very long in an RV without that magic potion.  LOL.

So just a lazy Sunday, without nice weather, but tomorrow will be a nicer day and I will be right here to enjoy it.

Retired Rod

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  1. Hi Rod
    The really BIG RV events at Quartzsite aren't happening yet. We're going in sometime next week so if you come over again, give us a call. We'd still like to meet Loyce! We're going to be camped with the Boomers group. The RV show is the 17th thru the 25th.


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