Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Open Wider!

Yea the sun came back out!  But it forgot to get very warm.  We did see 56 by mid afternoon for about an hour.  Last night we didn’t get into the thirty’s like the weatherman had predicted.  Our low was 43 early in the morning before dawn.

But sunny and no rain is very much nicer.  Folks were out for their morning walks, but they had more winter like coats and hats for the event.  Since most of the snow birds here came from up North, they have all that kind of clothing on hand.  LoL.

My day was dreary, since I opted to go to the dentist.  The park has a dentist that is the official dentist, that will see anyone staying in the park.  I had made an appointment and got right in, as though I was a local.  No questions asked.

So I spent the afternoon having some work done.  But that doesn’t make for anything touristy to write about.  The office is only about 9 blocks away on the street that passes the North side of the park. So I didn’t drive past anything new going there.

Isn’t it interesting how living in the RV becomes just like living in the sticks and bricks, when you pause the travels and sit still for a while?  Suddenly you have to do the same old stuff, that would have been done at home.  But without the semblance of residency, it becomes hard to make professional appointments.

I was really glad that Mesa Spirit had this relationship.  Because I was here in the park, I was family.

We have not made any plans for tomorrow, but we should be able to come up with something better than going to the dentist! LOL

Retired Rod

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