Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Package from the 3 G Store


This is after it is all unboxed and set up running. The air card is plugged into the side of the Cradlepoint Router. The router has three antennas on the back, and I bought a little magnetic mount car antenna for the air card.

I started reading all of the paperwork when I was waiting in the car for Loyce back at a quilt shop in North Phoenix. She gets ideas from these shops and then needs to go back and look again at the finished quilt. So we drove back to the store we were at last Saturday.

This afternoon, we were both famished about 3 in the afternoon, and on the way home from the quilt shop, we found another Fuddruckers in downtown Scottsdale. So we pulled in. We ordered the smallest burger, and there is no small fry. You get a whole tray full. So we had no supper tonight. I pieced on some left overs long about 9:30.

But this evening, I got the air card signed on and running in the laptop. Just had to load the software from a CD and sign into the Verizon system. It worked, and it was faster than I have had for a month since leaving KC. Yeaaaaaa!

Then I configured the router with security, for the RV park. I set it out on the chair and plugged it in without the air card in the side. By the time I had connected to it with this laptop, two other folks had connected and tried to log onto various web sites. We are internet starved here at Mesa Spirit.

Once I had the security running, I then plugged in the aircard, and it registered without any further programming on my part. I never did run any of the programs on the CD that came with the router. They are provided by 3GStore, and are not part of the router itself. Perhaps they had some shortcuts to configure the router. Since I have had all kinds of experience in this area, I got thru it without any other help.

I am hoping that I can post this by pushing the publish button just once. Last night took about an hour and a half to get the Arboretum photos all up on Blogger.

Retired Rod

As a post script, this published in about 5 seconds on the air card.


  1. Thanks for choosing !

    We look forward to serving you again in the future.

  2. Great folks at the 3G store. Thought you'd be interested but it looks as if Canada's constitutional crisis over, the coalition appears to have fallen apart.


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