Monday, January 19, 2009

Quartzite, Az.

We decided last night that we were going over to quartzite today. The show started yesterday, and we were trying to decide when we would go. So sooner was better than later.

We were up and on the road with our breakfast eaten at home, before 8 AM. We arrived about 9:45, and quickly filled with gas because we learned last time that the gas stations were beyond a zoo, when folks start to leave the show.

We snuck into a nearby parking lot that we later decided was for vendors, but hey they didn’t say anything so……

On the way into the fenced in tent area, they make you walk thru the used rigs that are for sale.


Are you tired of losing your bedroom area to your toy hauler toys? How about a loft? You had a ladder up the wall to the bedroom above. Not for us 60 some things LOL.


The tent is huge, with over 20 support poles that hold it up. There are three isles with vendors on both sides. They hawk everything imaginable. The dark fooled my focus on the little pocket camera, but I include the picture, because this tent is the show.


It took us about 2 hours to go around all the booths, and we had the pleasure of running into Doug and JoAnn. This was just a coincidence as we had not spoken or planned for this in any way. We have read their blog for over a year now and met them in the Tucson area in November. They are super nice folks, but didn’t have Fillmore the standard poodle with them today.

Evidently Fillmore decided he should stay home today because of all the people at the show. I’m sure he would have been really excited to see everyone, since he was there yesterday. So no “Fillmore Fix” today. Oh D & J did have new name badges that said Fillmore’s Mom, (Dad) on them. What a hoot!

Then we went to see the outside vendors all around the big tent.


They had the 1KW Yamaha generator for $669 which is about $200 better than the Honda. It was so quiet, that I didn’t recognize that is was running, when I first walked up to it. Want, want, want but somehow I passed.


There is every conceivable option for the RV lifestyle here. You just have to study every booth or stand.

Home made Ice Cream anyone?


These old farm engines were actively turning the freezers. Pop, chuga, chuga, chuga. chug, Pop. They seem to fire erratically, and coast forever before they fire again. They were really neat, and old too.

We went to the concession stand to have a sandwich, where I ordered a sausage with grilled onions and bell peppers on it. The dog was bigger than a braught worst. The bun, was more of a roll, and it had all the fixins. But it jumped into my stomach before the camera could photo it. Kinda pricey thou at $6.50.

My feet and ankles had given up by then, so we decided to head on home. We would have liked to see more, but it wasn’t in the cards for me.

We arrived back in Phoenix in time to see the fourth quarter of the NFL playoff game. As you probably know, the Cardinals won the game and are in the Super Bowl. The jubilation is everywhere here in the RV park tonight, as the whole place erupted in a cheer as they scored their last touchdown.

When we went to the pizza place tonight, we drove over the superstition freeway, and it was bumper to bumper, and at a complete standstill. We are 25 miles away from the stadium, but wonder if the traffic is caused by folks all out at once celebrating the outcome. Hey we won, lets go get some supper!

No plans yet for tomorrow, perhaps we will know what we are doing when we do it.

Retired Rod

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