Sunday, January 4, 2009

A dry run!

For those of you who have frequented Quartzite, you should recognize the Readers Oasis, with its proprietor, the naked book seller.

Only today, it was 59 degrees when we were there and he wasn’t naked. Well he started naked, but I made the comment that the wind was out of the North, and he said “yea and I’m going to have to break down and put some pants on.”

So the next thing you know, he had his sweats on. I’ll bet that doesn’t happen too often.

We made the run to Q from Phoenix, around lunch. It is 150 miles from out here in Mesa, but folks run 80 all the way over on I 10. In fact, I was only going about 79 or so, and I was being passed in the center lane like I was in the way. Gota love those folks going to California.

We spent the afternoon driving around Quartzite looking for the swap meet location. We got some gas at the local Pilot station, and went to a swap location across the street. But it wasn’t big enough to be what all the hype is about.

Loyce declared that if this is all that is here, you can count me out in the last of January. But I didn’t give up. Finally in desperation, I drove the length of the town on the interstate, since it is somewhat elevated.

I decided that we hadn’t spent any time South of the big highway so I took the overpass in the middle of town, and bingo, there it was. But by the time I found where we were supposed to go, it was almost 5 PM and everything was closing up.

Loyce has been looking for a folding basket with wheels to tote the laundry with when she doesn’t drive the car. And low and behold, right out by the front, there were the baskets in four different sizes. So she got her basket.

We didn’t spend any more time, because most of the tents were tarped up. But at least when we go back, we won’t be such a novice at finding our way to the swap meet.

We came back to Mesa at the same 80 MPH that we went over, but were not passed as quickly heading East.

Finally, we passed a cop on the Westbound side with his party hats going. Had him a four wheeler on the side, giving out party invitations. That slowed the whole bunch down to 65, even though the speed limit was 75.

So tonight, we are all worn out, even though the night is sill young. Must be RVer midnight, 9PM. But that’s what happens when your………

Retired Rod


  1. Now a photo of the naked bookseller with sweats would have been a novelty!!!

  2. Jenny, it never occurred to me to take a picture of the bookseller with his pants ON! But he did look strange standing there in his dark blue sweats.


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