Sunday, January 25, 2009

Quilts and more quilts, stores that is.

Today was the great quilt store tour. Our friends Larry and Jean were here to enjoy this activity. We went down to Chandler and went to Zoe’s Trunk. This was the store that sponsored the bus trip that Loyce went on two weeks ago. She hadn’t been there since the early morning of the trip to Tucson.


This time, there were a normal number of patrons in the store, so it was possible to get to the cash register to purchase things. During the bus trip, the place was overwhelmed.

Next we went to a store up in the North part of Phoenix. This was the Ham Radio store for us boys. Remember, I had scoped this place out the day before the Hamfest earlier in the month. We kind of buzzed thru this store purchasing only a small book and a magazine. We lost the gals into a thrift store down the block.

This strip mall had a Subway, and lunch was in order. I had Roast Beef 6". It really hit the spot. Everyone had the sandwich of their liking, just to make sure we didn’t loose our strength, you know.

Next we went to the biggest quilt store we have been to here in Arizona. This was called Quiltz. It was up in the Northeast part of the city, almost out to the 101 loop, and North of Scottsdale. The GPS had the address and led us there from the Ham Radio store. We followed its instructions and drove right to the place.

Quiltz kept the gals busy for quite some time. Purchases were packed away in the trunk of the car, without review by the guys. In fact we sat in the car and played with the radios and the computer for the entire time we were there. We could have done that back at home, but the gals were inside looking at all the wares.

Returning back to Mesa, we went to the Mexican statuary place on the corner of Val Vista and Main. This is a clay pot and metal yard art joint that is inside of a fence on a vacant lot. He did have some tent like structures up to cover things that shouldn’t get wet, like his desk. But the whole place is a gravel parking lot. Prices were quite high, and nothing was purchased.


This big tin man and a tin giraffe are out on the corner to attract patrons to the yard art.

Finally this evening, we went back to Fuddruckers for a burger and the famous sweet potato fries. Turns out that Jean really likes these and was waiting to try some when she got here. I guess I am a better salesman on this blog than I realize. They didn’t disappoint, that is if you like sweet potatoes.

A really big day, and I am falling asleep trying to recap it here in this journal.

Retired Rod

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