Monday, January 26, 2009

Flea Market and a Stressing Buffet Meal

The Mesa Flea Market was our destination today. I’m not sure what we wanted there, or what we bought that was necessary, but we spent several hours doing it.

We went with Larry and Jean at about 10:30 and parked midway down the east side. Remember this place is big, like about a half a mile long, times four corridors. They have added on building after building, making at least two miles of stores on both sides of the walkways.

This was quite fun, except my ankle has been giving me the fits since we went to Quartzite. Seems that we overdid ourselves in that big tent extravaganza, and we never have let it heal up since. Walking into Mexico didn’t help much. And so on.

So today, I purchased a wooden walking stick like cane. This allowed me to transfer some of my weight to my shoulders, and not continue to injure the same old problem.

We made it all around the outside aisles which would be more than a mile of shopping. I found some really long shock cords, to help hold the awning in the wind. And the gals had many little packages too.

Much of this stuff is the same stuff as the big tent in Quartzite. But still different, as the rock or gem jewelry is all unique to the person making it. Ah the Southwest!

After the swap meet, we decided to go to the Old Country Buffet for some Sunday dinner. This proved to be a bad decision for me. At first, I thought I was having a low blood sugar style attack. But after we got home, I think I know what really happened.

One of the foods that I had selected, was a sweet potato dish, and the potato in question had a rather large black spot in the middle. I scraped at the spot removing most of the black stuff and then ate the potato.

Moments later, I felt as though my mouth was on fire, and numb at the same time. Like the dentist visit only a lot worse. Disoriented, I began to perspire and wondered if I would pass out. Some diet pepsi and then some regular sugar pepsi, as we thought I needed sugar from all the walking, and I seemed to get things under control once more.

I ate some other foods, and finished the meal and left. We got our own car, back at the motel and left Larry and Jean go to see other friends. I couldn’t get home fast enough!

The problem, I assume, bug, that was the black spot in the potato, decided that I should pass the contents on out of my system.

Now this is not a subject for a pleasant blog, so lets just say that I spent my time in the park’s bathroom, for the rest of the day. Never did have any supper, except for an Imodium tablet.

It may be quite a while before I go back to the Old Country Buffet!

Retired Rod

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