Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saguaro Lake

This morning Loyce had more of her quilt group – class – or what ever their daily activities were for today. I lazed around the RV working on computer stuff and getting ready to go to the Country Store event in the Activity Center.

We both went for Vegetable Beef soup, but the line was so long, that we got into the short hot dog line and that was our lunch. We didn’t buy any raffle tickets or stuff from the flea market, so we were out of there rapidly.

Later in the afternoon, we went out on the Bush Scenic Highway and drove to Saguaro Lake. The water seemed so blue. We parked and took it all in for a long while.


We drove around to the South and found the access road to go and look at the dam. There were some workers and an end loader, moving large rock, and we got the evil eye, so I took the picture and left.


The Bush Highway is very scenic as we pulled out to snap this picture.


At this point the sandy floor gives way to almost boulders, with the desert vegetation growing in between.


After the rains from last week, and now the warm up of yesterday and especially today at 76 degrees, the desert has become a grass carpet where only gravelly sand was before. It looks almost like pasture ground. But the plants still all have sticker barbs on them.

Even creosote bushes and mesquite trees can be pretty when watered and in bloom. I am told that in March everything will be in bloom.

As the sun set, we were back here at the RV. The night became cool quickly, and my short pants were suddenly inside wear. As it usually goes, we will need the heater before morning.

We will still be in the mid 40’s at night for another two weeks, and by then perhaps we can eliminate the heater bit all together.

Retired Rod


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